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Direct Deposit

Direct deposit is a secure and confidential way for businesses to deposit wages or benefits into their employees’ accounts electronically. With direct deposit, you’ll save time and money by eliminating the expense of preparing and generating paychecks. Your employees will also appreciate the convenience and won’t have to take time off of work to deposit their checks.

Direct deposit can also eliminate the need for generating paper checks to pay things like expense reimbursements, pensions, dividends, commissions and bonuses.

Popular reasons why local businesses choose to utilize direct deposit:

Security – Payments made by direct deposit cannot be lost, misplaced, stolen or forged. Saves Time & Money – Compared to generating paper checks, direct deposit eliminates postage costs and dramatically reduces your processing expenses for mailing, disbursing and reconciling payments. Reduces Fraud – Simply put, direct deposit ensures that the payment is deposited directly into the employee’s account. Control of Funds – You determine the exact date of withdrawal from your business account and you’ll always know the exact date the money is deposited into your employee’s account.

Merchant Services


What Every Business Owner and Manager Needs to Know About Credit Card Processing

When you signed up with your credit card processing company, you were probably quoted a specific percentage that you’d be paying. But typically, not all transactions qualify for the lowest rate. That means that on average, you may be paying a far higher percentage than you were led to believe, which comes directly out of your bottom line.

The fact is many businesses can save hundreds of dollars per year simply by paying attention to their credit card processing fees. At Oregon Coast Bank we can help. Just bring in, mail, fax or email three of your recent processing statements to any of our local offices. We’ll analyze them free of charge. If you’re getting a fair deal, we’ll tell you. If you’re not, we’ll show you how much you could be saving.

Of course there’s another important reason why so many Lincoln and Tillamook County businesses have chosen to switch their merchant accounts to Oregon Coast Bank – local service. If you ever have a question or problem, our helpful staff works with the national processors to get you a quick and fair solution, which for most business owners is far less frustrating than having to call an 800 number.

Don’t swipe away your profitability. Call or visit any of our Oregon Coast Bank offices today and let us help you minimize your credit card processing costs.

Business Credit Card

With the Oregon Coast Bank Visa Business Card The Choices are Yours…

• Avoid finance charges by paying your balance in full each month, or choose to manage your cash flow by making partial payments. • You decide how much credit you want each authorized employee to have. We’ll set individual limits based on your instructions. • $100,000 Travel Accident Insurance • Accepted worldwide