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Personal Checking, Savings, CDs & IRAs

Personal Checking Accounts


No Minimum Balance / Online Banking / ATM Use / Debit Card

Banking without boundaries – this account combines our most requested products to provide 24/7 banking from virtually any location. You can make payments and withdrawals through your debit card, Online Banking, Online Bill Pay and Mobile Banking.


No Minimum Balance / Online Banking / ATM Use / Debit Card

Banking for everyone. Safe, easy and smarter. Virtually everyone is eligible since it’s not based on your credit history. You can make payments, deposits and withdrawals through your debit card. Online Banking, Mobile Banking and Online Bill Pay.

Premier InterestChecking

Online Banking / ATM Use / Debit Card

Earn a competitive interest rate – this account is ideal for those who like to maintain high balances. Premier Interest Checking also includes check writing & withdrawals, Online Banking, Mobile Banking, Online Bill Pay, and ATM usage.

Senior AdvantageChecking

No Monthly Maintenance Fee / No Minimum Balance / Online Banking / ATM Use / Debit Card

For our customers 65 or older, this account includes check writing & withdrawals, Online Banking, Online Bill Pay, Mobile Banking, ATM usage.

Personal Savings Accounts


This account is ideal for setting aside money for special purchases or unexpected purchases, and for first time savers. Your funds are easily available when you need them. Interest is compounded quarterly.


A traditional favorite, our ClubAccount is a great way to save for specific expenditures such as holidays and taxes. A required automatic transfer is made to the account each month. There is no minimum balance and no withdrawals can be made until the account pays out during the first week of November. At that time, the entire balance plus interest (paid at maturity) is transferred to your Oregon Coast Bank checking or savings account.


Available to students, our StudentSavings account features no monthly maintenance fee and no minimum balance. Interest is compounded quarterly. Statements are mailed quarterly (monthly if you use your ATM card).

Money MarketSavings

Enjoy higher interest and the convenience of writing checks. With this account, you have the flexibility of up to six transfers or withdrawals per statement cycle if pre-authorized, automatic, by telephone, computer, check or debit card. There is no limit to the number of transfers or withdrawals when made in person. Rates are competitive and tiered according to balance levels. Federal regulations allow up to a total of 6 account transfers, checks or debit card transactions per month.

Health Savings Accounts

Reducing Your Healthcare Costs and Taxes

HSAs (Health Savings Accounts) are tax-exempt accounts for accumulating savings to pay for medical expenses. They were created by Congress in order to combat rising medical costs. HSA contributions are tax-deferred and withdrawals are tax-free providing that they are used for eligible medical expenses. Designed to be used in conjunction with affordable high deductible health plans, your HSA can cover small and routine medical expenses until your deductible is met and insurance benefits “kick in”.


Fixed RateCertificates of Deposit

Pick your term and then lock in a guaranteed rate of return. The minimum opening deposit is $1,000 and we offer terms from 30 days to 36 months. Interest can compound to your CD or be transferred to another Oregon Coast Bank account.

VariableCertificates of Deposit

An easy way to build your CD over time. We offer 12 & 24 month terms with unlimited deposits ($1000 minimum opening deposit). This account is a great way to encourage kids to save over the longer term and the interest is higher than our ClassicSavings account.



Setting aside money each year into an IRA is a proven way to help supplement retirement savings. Traditional IRAs from Oregon Coast Bank offer tax-deferred savings opportunities. You will not pay taxes on the earnings and in some cases on the contributions, until you choose to take distributions from the account. We offer fixed and variable rate Traditional IRAs with a variety of terms available.
You should consider a Traditional IRA if you are eligible to deduct your contribution and you anticipate your tax rate at the time of distribution will be lower than your current tax rate. One of the biggest reasons that investors choose a Traditional IRA over a Roth IRA is the opportunity to take a tax deduction on the IRA contribution, which can lower your current tax bill. Keep in mind – investors under the age of 70 1/2 with earned income can still contribute to a traditional IRA even if they don’t qualify for the tax deduction.
You may qualify for a full or partial deduction of your Traditional IRA contribution in the following circumstances:
• Neither you or your spouse are participating in an employer sponsored plan
• Or, you as an individual are not participating in an employer sponsored plan and your 2014 Modified Adjusted Gross Income is $56,000 or less (filing singly) or $90,000 or less $85,000 – $105,000 (filing jointly). Individuals or couples earning more may also contribute, see us for eligibility guidelines.

Contribution Limits:

For 2015 / 2016, the contribution limit for those under the age of 50 is $5,500.
If you are 50 years of age or older, you can take advantage of a “catch-up” provision and set aside up to $6,500.

Other considerations with Traditional IRAs:

• Any earnings and deductible contributions are subject to tax upon distribution.
• Taxable distributions before age 59 ½ may be subject to a 10% penalty tax. Exceptions to the penalty include distributions due to death, disability, substantially equal periodic payments, eligible medical expenses, certain unemployed individual’s health premiums, limited “first-time” home purchase, qualified higher education expenses or IRS levy. See your tax adviser for details before making any contributions.
• Required minimum distributions must start at age 70 ½.


When you leave a job or retire, you are allowed to “roll over” funds from an employer-sponsored plan, such as a 401(k) or pension plan, into a Rollover IRA. You can also move funds from other IRA providers into an Oregon Coast Bank Rollover IRA.

Rollover IRA Benefits:

• Ensures that your retirement investments will remain tax-deferred and free from penalties
• Provides convenient access to your money when you decide to take distributions


Roth IRAs are a great way for individuals to save for retirement because the earnings on your investment are free from federal income taxes as long as certain conditions are met. At Oregon Coast Bank we offer fixed and variable rate Roth IRAs with a variety of terms available.

Roth IRA Benefits:

• Contributions can be withdrawn any time without taxes or penalties
• Distributions, interest, and dividends are tax-free if you are at least 59 ½ and the account has been established for longer than five years
• You can contribute after age 70 ½ as long as you have earned income
• There is no required minimum distribution during your lifetime
• Tax-free distributions can be passed to your beneficiaries
• Tax-free earnings up to $10,000 for the first time purchase of a home, after you have had the account for at least five years – this benefit may be applied to yourself or your children

You Should Consider a Roth IRA if:

• You want tax-free earnings
• Your income does not exceed $194,000 for married taxpayers or $132,000 for single taxpayers for 2016
• You are already saving for retirement with an employer-sponsored plan
• You want to invest for retirement but may need to access your savings

Contribution Limits:

For 2016, the contribution limit for those under the age of 50 is $5,500.
If you are 50 years of age or older, you can take advantage of a “catch-up” provision and set aside up to $6,500.


If you own your own business, a Simplified Employee Pension (SEP) Plan is a great option for retirement savings. SEP IRAs are easy to establish and maintain, and offer tax-deductible contributions (from 0% to 25% of annual compensation) for you and all your eligible employees. At Oregon Coast Bank we offer fixed and variable rate SEP IRAs with a variety of terms available.

SEP IRA Benefits:

• Setup is easy-the employer completes Form 5305-SEP a one-page IRS form, and employees complete the IRA application.
• Contributions are deductible as a business expense for the employer
• Employees enjoy tax-deferred earnings
• All SEP employer contributions go into a Traditional IRA in the name of the employee, relieving the employer of having to oversee the assets after they are contributed