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Direct deposit

Payroll the safe and easy way

Simplify and secure your payroll process—and make payday easier for your employees, too.

Convenience for your employees, cost savings for you. Direct deposit makes payroll more efficient and cost-effective, while your employees will appreciate the convenience of eliminating paper checks. You can simplify your accounting even more by using direct deposit for reimbursements, pensions, dividends, commissions, and bonuses.

Improve security

Say goodbye to lost checks.

Increase efficiency

Make payroll processes faster and easier.

Reduce expenses

Eliminate the cost of printing and postage.

Control cash flow

Plan the exact date funds are withdrawn.


  • Increased security
  • Fraud prevention
  • Time and money savings
  • Cash flow control
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Merchant services

Control credit processing costs

Are transaction costs eating into your earnings? Don’t swipe away your bottom line.

Convenience for your customers can be a major cost (and headache!) for you. Navigating credit card processing services is time-consuming and often confusing. That’s where we come in. Our expert staff will analyze your current plan, find a better deal if possible, and even handle communicating with the processing companies. You save time, worry, and expense.

Cut down on costs

You may be paying higher fees than you realize—we’ll help reduce them.

Get free consultation 

We do the leg work of evaluating your plan and finding you the best rate.

Enjoy personal service

Skip the 800-number holding pattern: we’ll deal with processors on your behalf.

Rely on local support

When you have questions, we’re here face-to-face with the friendly help you need.


  • Expert analysis
  • Personal service
  • Lower transaction fees
  • Time savings
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Business credit card

Flexibility and freedom

Make operations easier with card features that fit your needs.

Your day-to-day spending is simple with an Oregon Coast Bank business credit card. With the flexibility to make full or partial balance payments, it works with your unique cash flow. You’re in control of the credit limit for each employee’s card. With a card that’s accepted worldwide—with travel accident insurance included—you’re covered wherever your business takes you.

Manage cash flow

Make full or partial balance payments each month.

Keep in control

You decide the credit limit for each authorized employee.

Know you’re covered

Rest easy with the included travel accident insurance.


  • Flexible payments
  • Credit limit control
  • Convenient spending
  • Accepted worldwide
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