Serving Oregon's Coastal Industries

For generations, the industries unique to Oregon's Coast have supported families and communities. Investing in the health of these industries is at the heart of our business.

Commercial Fishing

Fishing for flexibility

Seasonal businesses need financial services that operate on their unique calendars. Unlike other banks, we structure our loans to serve your unique needs, with repayment schedules that synch with the ebb and flow of the fishing seasons. And our lines of credit give you access to financing on the spot when you need it to upgrade, repair, or replace equipment.

Logging & Timber

Deep-rooted relationships

Family logging and timber harvest outfits are vital to stewardship of our land and our communities. But most banks don't understand the needs of an industry with such a high degree of unpredictability. By building long-lasting relationships with customers, we're able to offer the customized financing and banking services you need.

It’s great to be able to simply call the bank, tell them what I need to purchase, and it’s essentially taken care of.

Everett Lawrence
Owner, Newport Rental