Dividend Direct Deposit Program

We encourage our shareholders to enroll for Dividend Direct Deposit of your quarterly cash dividends. Dividend Direct Deposit allows you to have your dividend payments from Oregon Coast Bank delivered directly to your account at the financial institution of your choice. It saves you the time it takes to deposit the payments, provides immediate availability and minimizes the risk of payments being lost or stolen.

How it works to benefit you!

On payment day, your dividend is deposited automatically into your personal checking or savings account. In lieu of a check, Oregon Coast Bank sends you a notice of the amount deposited. In addition, the deposit appears on your account statement from your financial institution. Because this is part of an automatic payment system, your dividend checks cannot be lost or stolen, and you gain immediate access to your funds.

Sign up today

To participate, please print out and complete the Dividend Direct Deposit Authorization Form. Then return it (with a blank, voided check) to Shareholder Services Dept at the address indicated on the form. If you need assistance with the form, take it to your bank and someone there will help you. Most banks can accept electronic deposits but you may wish to check with your bank to be sure. If we find that your bank cannot process Direct Deposit, you will be notified. You may revoke or change your authorization for Direct Deposit at any time by providing written notice to Oregon Coast Bank Shareholder Services at least 30 days prior to the next dividend payment date.

Dividend Direct Deposit Authorization Form

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