If you’ve ever read a novel by Horatio Alger, or just know the name, you’re probably familiar with the concept that hard work, determination and honesty lead to success. Well this isn’t a novel. It’s a true story that follows the same script.

Joe Boyd grew up in Bandon, his wife Brooke is from Myrtle Point. High school sweethearts, Joe and Brooke wanted to build a secure life and raise a family on the coast. Hard work was something they were accustomed to.

In 1999 Joe was transferred to become the produce manager at Ray’s Food Place in Tillamook. Brooke took a job cleaning rental properties for Grey Fox, Inc. in Neskowin, eventually working her way up to a position in the office. In fact, Brooke became such a valued and trusted employee that Grey Fox owner Voni Reddekopp decided to sell the company to the Boyds in 2005.

As business owners, they worked even harder. Brooke managed the office while Joe did maintenance and cleaned some of the properties. Success in the vacation rental industry depends on earning the trust of property owners. Brooke and Joe gave their cell phone numbers to all the property owners Grey Fox represented and let them know that they could call anytime 24-7. That policy still exists today.

“We’re not just a lock box, we know all of our clients on a first name basis,” says Joe. “We handle most of the maintenance and keep an eye on things. When something needs to be updated to keep a property desirable for renters, we’ll work with our owners to get it done.” “We’re not trying to be the biggest, we’re trying to be the best,” adds Brooke.

Neskowin is one of the most picturesque locations on the Oregon Coast, yet it is not nearly as well known as larger coastal destinations. To attract a steady supply of renters, Grey Fox maintains a strong advertising presence online, in traditional media, and through international rental marketplaces like Airbnb and VRBO. Once renters become familiar with Neskowin and the service that Grey Fox provides, they tend to return year after year.

Brooke and Joe’s hard work has paid off. After 25 years in business, 14 under the Boyd’s ownership, Grey Fox manages about 80 Neskowin properties including cottages, luxury homes, townhouses and ocean front condos. The company now employs five fulltime staff members and an additional five cleaners.

As we wrote earlier, Brooke and Joe’s goals included raising a family. After 17 years of marriage and much determination, that joy happened too. The Boyd’s Neskowin home now includes two delightful daughters, Bailey and Piper.

About a year ago, with the balloon payment of their office coming due, the Boyds decided to look for a bank that, in Brooke’s words, “ran their business the same way we run our business.” They found a kindred spirit in Rose Wharton, who manages our Oregon Coast Bank Pacific City office. “Besides helping us refinance the building, Rose also got us a merchant account that saves us money with every transaction,” explains Joe. “We really appreciated how genuine she was and how hard she worked for us,” adds Brooke.

Perhaps it was Horatio Alger who wrote the book on hard work, determination and honesty leading to success, but it’s always great to see real life examples. Brooke and Joe are certainly that.