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The Future Seems to Have Already Arrived in Banking

For Immediate Release

Friday, June 17, 2011

Contact: Fred Postlewait
              Oregon Coast Bank

Newport, OR – Walk through any Oregon Coast Bank office these days and it’s readily apparent how technology is changing the banking business. The locally owned and operated bank recently issued state-of-the-art iPads to each of their employees, allowing the entire staff to serve as technology instructors for Oregon Coast Bank customers.

“Online Banking and Bill Pay are simple, secure tools that make banking transactions easier and incredibly convenient,” explains Fred Postlewait, President and Chief Executive Officer of Oregon Coast Bank. “In the past, people were reluctant to experiment with the technology. Now, when a customer comes into the bank and asks for a particular transaction, anyone on our staff can demonstrate on their iPad how the customer can complete the transaction themselves from anywhere at any time. In fact it takes just a few minutes for us to help them set up Online Banking for their own use on their home computer, laptop, iPad or even their internet-enabled cell phone.”

Online Banking and Bill Pay, which allows customers to pay bills electronically, are both free services when used in conjunction with any Oregon Coast Bank personal checking account. “Once people start using these services, they usually tell us that they can’t imagine ever wanting to bank the old fashioned way again,” remarks Postlewait. “It’s nice to be able to do your banking on your own schedule from virtually anywhere. Of course we’re still glad to offer traditional transactions, but we’re seeing more and more customers doing the majority of their banking online.”

How are customers reacting to seeing their bankers holding iPads? “Most people are curious and have questions,” points out Postlewait, which in fact is a major reason why Oregon Coast Bank chose to invest in the technology. “It never ceases to amaze me how many of our customers are already ahead of the curve. Just a few days ago in our Pacific City office, an 83 year old woman brought in an iPad of her own and within minutes had learned to bank electronically. In fact the only thing that slowed down the process was that while she was learning she was simultaneously playing her sister in an online Scrabble game.”